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Topics of Interest

      As a Clinical Hypnotherapist... I have encountered just about every human need from - healing an illness or disease - to removing a fear that has manifested into a phobia - to helping a student remove a learning block - to helping an athlete achieve his peak performance, to healing a relationship… and on and on and on.


      I Have Continued... to do my research over the years because the Universe continues to send us new scientists, educators, and researchers that are discovering more and more about the human condition – why some contract dis-ease while others do not – why some achieve and excel while others block their own success – why some have an extreme fear of water or flying while others have no sign of fear.


      I Have Come to Understand... through all my teachers and colleagues, that it is the power of our beliefs that either allows us to move through life with great ease and success or impedes our every attempt at success in every facet of our lives.

      Now that we have  scientific evidence ...and medical proof that our thoughts and beliefs create the emotions and reactions that our mind and body act upon, it not only validates my work but creates a new paradigm for every segment of our society from education to medicine to mental health to religion and politics.  And I say “new”, yet Jesus, one of my greatest teachers, alluded to this truth in many of his pearls of wisdom; Albert Einstein gave us immeasurable insights into how the imagination is more powerful than knowledge; Deepak Chopra gave us this truth, “I am the immeasurable potential of all that is, was, or every will be… I am not in the body, the body is in me; I am not in the world, the world is in me. (2006: Escaping the Prison of the Intellect); Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive who has invaluable insight and research with her books:  “Anatomy of the Spirit, “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”, “Sacred Contracts” and many, many more.

     The Following Topics... reveal some of the knowledge and wisdom that make us wiser and more in tune with the power each of us possesses, to influence our Mind, our Body, and our Spirit.

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Becoming Your
Authentic Self

       Becoming the “AUTHENTIC SELF” you were meant to be requires some deep soul searching.  Are you living an authentic life, or the life that was programmed for you at a very early age, a life of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors belonging to those who controlled your environment and experiences; thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that do not represent who you have become?  Your responses and reactions seem to be in-congruent with how you want to be perceived by others. 


          As we grow in our understanding of ourselves and others, and as we grow in our understanding of the Universe and our role in it, it becomes obvious that we need to evolve with that understanding.  It requires a conscious decision to make better choices in our lives, to break old habits, and adopt new ways of responding to life’s challenges.


          More often than not, change requires that we invite into our hearts more unconditional love, more compassion, more understanding, and more forgiveness.  These are qualities you acquire over time.  Seldom are they taught to us as children because they are not often expressed in our environment.  It is up to each of us, as we grow and mature, to choose to express love, compassion, and forgiveness for each other.


          One very powerful way to have power and control over our thoughts and our actions is to practice “Being Present”.  When you are grounded in the “Now Moment”, learned behavior is not present.  You are grounded in the only reality there is, the “Here and Now”.  In this space where mindfulness lives, there is no past and no future.  There is no interference from erroneous beliefs or automatic behavior. Your responses come from your Authentic Self while you are fully “present and aware”.

Re-wiring Your Brain
-Opening New Pathways-

            Every activity we have ever learned, from the time we took our first step as a toddler, required a process of learning.  Each time we attempted to walk, each step created a deeper groove in the neural pathways of the brain.  With each success, the neural pathway gets deeper until eventually a habit for walking is established in the brain.  The baby never has to learn to walk again in a perfect world.  We use the same process for learning to speak a language, or riding a bicycle, or driving a car.


          The same process is required for “re-wiring” your brain.  Becoming aware that you need to make changes in your learned behavior is a result of seeing the same old issues pop up more frequently.  Here are some of the more common warning signs:  


                             1.  You find you have developed a habit of starting projects

                                  but never finishing them.

                            2.  You know the healthy way to exercise, nurture, and                                                     nourish your body but find yourself indulging in                                                          unhealthy eating habits and destructive behavior.


                             3.  You are in conflict with family, friends, and/or co-workers                                         more often than usual.


                             4.  You feel like everyone is against you and your support

                                  system is disappearing.


                             5.  You become aware that you are not setting your

                                  intentions and achieving your goals.


            The body is usually the first to notify us that something is awry. Your subconscious mind receives your thoughts with feelings and emotions attached and communicates those emotions to your cells. Your subconscious mind has no capacity to analyze or determine whether your thoughts are real or imagined. It is like a computer, the communicator with your cells.The chemical “recipe” for the emotion is sent to the the “ of your cells.The chemical reaction invokes a negative or positive electromagnetic response.A negative emotion invokes a negative response and causes the cells to mutate and become unhealthy and “dis-eased”. Positive emotions cause the cells to function properly and reproduce in a healthy environment.


           Hypnosis is an effective tool to establish new habits and behaviors in the same way we learned as a toddler.  First you determine consciously, the unwanted thought, belief, or behavior you want to change.  Then, through suggestion and repetition, a new neural pathway is created in your brain that crowds out the old behavior or belief, and a re-wiring of your brain takes place:

                               (1)  make a conscious decision to change,

                               (2)  create positive thoughts, instill new 

                                     beliefs, and practice new behavior, and

                               (3)  practice a program of hypnotic suggestion and

                                     repetitive re-programming.


        Some beliefs and behaviors go so deep, it takes professional help to break them open so any remnants can be discarded and new neural pathways can be created.  This work leads to healing dis-ease and living a more compatible and rewarding life.  It improves your quality of life and extends your longevity.


“As You Thinketh, So Are You…”.

“Change your thoughts

and change your life.”

IMG_5025 (1).PNG

The Unified Field

     Have you ever wondered how this saying could be true, “There is no past, present, or future in time.  Everything is happening simultaneously, at the same time”?  Well, this is how it works:  

Scientific Fact:  An atom, which is the building block of everything in the physical universe, is 99.9999 to infinity empty space with the other .1% being a smattering of matter; but it really isn’t empty; In fact, science has proven that the atom is filled with a vast array of energy operating at frequencies that form an invisible yet interconnected field of energy and information – known as The Unified Field.  Our known universe and every single thing in it – no matter how solid it may appear – is essentially just energy and information.

     So… when we enter the “Generous Present Moment” through hypnosis or meditation – we enter “The Unified Field”, the realm of all potential and all possibilities.  In that field – “time is stacked on top of itself”– there is no linear time because we are not connected to the past (linear time) which leads to our predictable future (linear time).  

     In the Present Moment, the realm of all possibilities, we experience the Power of Now – When there is no past to refer to and no future to predict, LINEAR TIME disappears and you are in the infinite field of potential.

In other words, the “Unified Field of Energy” you have entered lets you play with the atoms where potential possibilities of creation are unlimited.  ISN’T THAT EXCITING!  So, what we label as a spiritual activity called meditation, is really the Present Moment and Pure Awareness, explained by the scientific world through Quantum Physics and the Quantum Field.




      Nobody changes if they don’t change their energy – When you change your energy, you change your life.


      Don’t expect anything to change if your environment is controlling your thoughts and your feelings.  For instance… if someone is upsetting you in your current environment, you are giving them the power to control your thoughts and your feelings.  Then you become a victim of your environment.  Your environment is controlling your thoughts and your feelings which, in turn, causes your thoughts and your feelings to control your environment – it’s a spinning merry-go-round and nothing changes – until you change your energy.  Latch on to your own empowerment!  Latch on to your own unlimitedness!




     Once you see your past differently, you will no longer want to eliminate your past but instead you will begin to see the power of those lessons and how they have contributed to your current success.  It’s your choice – you can be the victim of your life or you can be the creator of your life… which do you choose?




       Whenever an event, an experience, or a particular person triggers a belief in you, it fires off a series of memorized emotions, which then invokes a state of mind which sends a message to your subconscious computer to call up the appropriate attitude, mood or behavior to match that situation.  This repetitive cycle of thinking, feeling, and reaction defines your perception of the world around you and defines your personality. 

          The destructive model of the repetitive cycle of thinking and feeling is Radicalization - which occurs when a person latches so strongly onto their own negative, repetitive, thinking and feeling that they then go searching for information, propaganda, and like-minded groups that support their view of the world.  The psychological profile of gang members, serial killers, and conspiracy theorists, shows that their core beliefs, life experiences, role models, and propaganda that fits their model of the world, cultivates a dark personality trait that pushes them “over the edge” into a destructive and diabolic lifestyle.


            Your beliefs affect your state of mind.  If you remain in your state of mind long enough, you form an attitude; if you carry your attitude around with you and attach it to experiences in your life, you create a mood.  When you stay in a mood for any length of time, it becomes a behavior that eventually forms a personality trait. 


            When an unpleasant situation or conflict triggers a subconscious program that holds all your previous reactions to similar situations, you are doomed to respond to the situation in the same old way… with the same old attitude and behavior and you are on your way down “memory lane” which gives you exactly what you have experienced in the past – thus the merry-go-round of meeting your past every time you want a different response or a different outcome -



            The more you repeat a negative thought, the more energy you give to it – the more energy your negative thought pattern gathers, the more it will affect you, your body, the other person or persons, and eventually the Universe.   Have you had a family member or a long-time friend that starts down a negative line of communication and wants to bring you into it?  They’re called “energy suckers”.  They have a negative vibe around them; they have to talk about everything bad that has ever happened to them – and it goes on and on, and you get sucked right in. – Don’t Go There!  We all have that negative energy and those negative stories in us – but you have a choice – Interrupt the program! And make the conscious choice to change the subject or walk away! Their energy will trigger the negative memorized feelings in your subconscious and you will become a victim to someone else’s bad energy – depleting you of your vibrational flow of good energy. 




           Find the memorized feeling inside your body that elicits a strong, powerful, positive feeling, then everything in your experience will trigger that emotion of love, peace, understanding, compassion, appreciation, and your attitude or your repetitive cycle of thinking and feeling will elicit the amazing positive attitude that you express to the world.

         Try this INTERRUPTER! Once you have found that Wonderful - Powerful - Positive Feeling inside your Heart - Repeat this Affirmation:

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Gently Down The Stream - Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily - LIFE IS BUT A DREAM!!

           Every time you find yourself in a stressful situation, repeat your INTERRUPTER! Let go of the oars and let your boat float downstream towards your "Heart's Desire"!  The thoughts will be interrupted, and the situation will dissipate and dissolve!     The Law of Allowance - Abraham


Creatures of Habit

     When you start your day with the same subconscious routine, your mind and your body will be synchronized to perform the same habits, the same thoughts, the same emotions as the day before and the day before that. 


     So, without thinking, you are creating the same today as yesterday.  Oh, there may be more to think about, more to get done, more to worry about, but there will be nothing new… nothing you have not done before…

so your future will look just like your past...

      Until you stop your brain from repeating what your mind and body have already done, been, and seen, your brain will do what it is programmed to do.   

        ***In order to create new possibilities, you must enter the realm of


...And that realm exists in the "Present Moment"

  Here – Now – Pure Consciousness 

 Now, if you’re happy with your daily routine which some of us are

because it is manageable and known; it looks and feels a lot like the past and we want our future to look and feel the same.  We don’t like change!  I once had a close friend who had a bumper sticker that said, “I’m flexible as long as you don’t change anything”.  I can tell you that you pretty much can

guess a person’s personality by their bumper stickers.

         Beliefs Control Perceptions - Rewrite your beliefs and you rewrite your perceptions.  Beliefs are conclusions derived from information and/or experience. If a situation occurs in our environment, we immediately experience thoughts about the situation.  If we attach powerful feelings to those thoughts about the situation, our heart, being an electromagnetic field, records the thoughtful feelings and a belief is created from the experience.  Beliefs can be both conscious and subconscious.

“Beliefs determine biological and behavioral reality.”

                                                       Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton


     The filter is different for everyone – We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.  Childhood programming becomes our habit of perception and behavior.  By 5 years of age, we already have our programming established from our environment, our experiences, and our influences from parents, teachers, and caretakers.

        Habits are self-reinforcing cycles of belief and perception.

            Experience shapes perception...

             Perception creates beliefs...

            Beliefs reinforce perception...

            Experience reinforces beliefs – etc., etc., etc.


    If you can rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your experience:

Conscious Mind – short term memory:  limited processing; 1-3 events

                                (2,000 bits information per second)

Subconscious mindLong term memory (past experiences, attitudes, values and beliefs:  Expanded processing capacity, thousands of events (averages 4 billion bits of information per second). Subconscious mind is the storehouse for attitudes, values and beliefs.

MYTH 1:  If you have a deeply ingrained belief, it is harder and takes longer to change it.


  • Changing subconscious beliefs is like changing a document in a computer.  It doesn’t take any longer to change a document that has been in your computer for 30 years than it does one that has been there for 30 minutes.


MYTH 2:  Changing old behaviors and thought patterns is difficult and often painful.


  • Thought patterns and behaviors are caused by perception (beliefs) represented by specific configurations of photons of light held in an electromagnetic field.  Change the field and you change the belief.  Change the belief and you change the behavior or thought pattern.


MYTH 3:  You need to consciously know what caused the problem in order to change it.


  • Becoming consciously aware of the source of the problem is seldom necessary to change most beliefs or behaviors when dealing with the subconscious mind.

IMG_0511 (2).JPG



Excerpts taken from Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing your Mind by Joe Dispenza, D.C.)

    Our body is made up of proteins.  Every cell in our body is a “protein-producing machine”.  Skin cells make skin proteins, bone cells make bone proteins, and nerve cells make nerve proteins.  All proteins that keep the cells and ultimately the body, healthy are produced in the cell’s DNA.

     The expression of life is the expression of proteins.  Thoughts and feelings cause chemical reactions in the body.  Messages carried from our thoughts, actions, and emotions, past or future, negative or positive, cause chemicals to be manufactured in the brain.

     The hypothalamus puts together the chemical recipes and sends them to the pituitary gland, which releases the chemical recipes in the form of peptides to the proper cells in the body.  The cell sends the message to its DNA which makes the appropriate proteins to feed the cell.  This is the mind-body connection; the brain is the computer.

     The problem is; if we keep sending the same messages from negative or damaging emotional thoughts, bad food choices or poisons and harmful chemicals from our bad habits (smoking and alcohol) over and over again, soon the cell’s DNA is exhausted and unable to produce the proteins necessary to keep the cell healthy. 

     This is the cause of disease.   It is the breaking down of the cell because the DNA of the cell can no longer produce the necessary proteins to keep the cell healthy.

      If there are no new behaviors, positive thoughts, experiences, and emotional responses to cause new synaptic connections to create new neural pathways to send new chemical reactions to the cells, we soon exhaust the life of the cell and ultimately the life of the body.

     Who would have thought that we are the expression of life through the thoughts we think, the emotions we express, and the physical habits we repeat.  By having the willpower and commitment to change, and by engaging in new thoughts, new feelings, and new, exciting experiences, we can take responsibility for changing our body’s chemistry and increasing the health of our bodies and improving our quality of life.

      If everyone would take the time to learn how the mind and body work together to maintain a healthy and balanced state of well-being, we would begin much earlier in life to value our health, to appreciate this life we’ve been given, and to cherish every day, every thought, every wonderful feeling of joy, peace, and love.

Feedback Loop Between the Mind, the Brain, and the Body

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