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Patricia Gallaway, PhD, M.Sc.
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Metaphysical Sciences
Spiritual Counselo

     Patti Gallaway received her PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1990 from The American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Ana CA.  She began her private practice in Beverly Hills CA where she founded HypnoDynamics, Inc., a private hypnotherapy training school, teaching hypnosis techniques to healthcare professionals and providing training and credentials for hypnotherapy students.  As a teacher and workshop leader, she developed Peak Performance Workshops for students and professionals in the field of sports, healthcare, academics, and business.

     After returning to Texas from California, Patti continued to pursue her passion as a student of metaphysics and received a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, CA along with her Ministerial Degree and ordination.  As she continued to pursue deeper spiritual truths, she discovered the connection between our thoughts and our perception of life, ultimately concluding that our thoughts attach us to the unreal, illusory world. 


      "It is our personal story that we create with our thoughts and perceptions, and come to believe, that causes all our suffering.  Everyone has a story.  The story is an illusion.  The Only Reality there is, is the Present Moment and our Oneness with Source."