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"SANCTUARY BY THE SEA" is a guided meditation that takes you away to a private, secluded beach with ocean waves and ambient music in the background.  The message imparts suggestions that clear the mind so you can access your inner wisdom and focus on the outcome you want to achieve in the midst of a challenge. The answers and solutions always exist at a deeper level, in the core of your Being.  This meditation takes you there and reveals the answers to all of your challenges.


  • To receive the maximum benefit from the recording, listen with headphones or earbuds in a quiet environment protected from outside noise or disturbance for about 15 minutes.  Listen to the recording as often as you like.  It is a great 15-minute break from stress at the office, after a strenuous workout, or any time you feel confused and need clarity to focus on a resolution or solution to any situation or conflict.

          *Do not listen to this recording while driving or while performing any activity requiring your full attention.

  • We are programmed at a very early age through language, belief, and behavior.  Some programs are necessary for a functioning human being.  Some programs are detrimental and lead to dysfunction and dis-ease.  With the use of subconscious positive programming, old habits can be broken, erroneous beliefs can be revealed and eliminated, and new desirable programs can be implemented that provide us the freedom to "Captain our Ship and Master our Destiny.  Repetitious hypnotic programming has been proven, both in the scientific and medical field, to heal the body, the mind, and the spirit.

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