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"HEALING The CELLS" is a therapeutic hypnotic prescription with suggestions for correcting thoughts, beliefs, and behavior that affect the health of the cells.  It is also a guide for self-healing by letting the subconscious mind and the immune system work together as they were designed, to mend, repair, re-energize, and restore the body to optimum health by eliminating stress and allowing the body to heal itself.


  • This Healing Journey is best listened to with headphones or ear buds in a controlled environment as relaxation is the most powerful way to allow the body to heal.  It can be listened to any time during the day or evening, and best when awakening in the morning or prior to bedtime when any stress of the day is at a minimum.

    *Do not listen to this recording while driving a car or any other activity requiring your full attention.

  • Why is hypnotherapy recognized by science and the medical community as a viable therapy and an adjunct to medical treatment?

         Hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association as far back as 1958 when more and more people were being helped with the induction of hypnosis and ensuing suggestions for health and healing.  There is a space in brain wave activity called the theta level.  For some reason, when a person reaches this state, the conscious mind where all reason takes place, is bypassed, and suggestions in keeping with a person's needs and desires, are accepted without question.  This is the goal of a professionally trained hypnotherapist.  Once trust in the therapist and the patient are established, miracles can and do happen.

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