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JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT is a spiritual journey into the Light of Understanding, Knowledge, and the Wisdom of the Universe and our purpose in it.  It has a powerful message and an unforgettable journey with long-lasting illumination for your body, mind, and spirit.



  • To receive the maximum benefit from the recording, listen with headphones or earbuds in a quiet environment protected from outside noise or disturbance for about 25 minutes. The best time is early in the morning or just before retiring to bed. 

    *Do not listen to this recording while driving or performing any activity that requires your full attention.



  • If you have ever experienced or wanted to experience an out-of-body trip through the Universe, let Dr. Gallaway guide you on a truly life-changing journey into the light, bringing back with you all the answers to the mysteries of life and your purpose in God's Plan.

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