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    Patricia Gallaway, PhD, M.Sc

    Clinical Hypnotherapy/NLP

    Spiritual Counseling

"Hypnotherapy helps you gain control over undesired behaviors and helps you cope better with anxiety or pain. Hypnosis that's conducted by a trained therapist or health care professional is considered a safe, complementary and alternative medical treatment." — Mayo Clinic






















The Inner Workout

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    Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety or unwanted habits, or whether you are dealing with confidence, motivation, or performance issues, hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way of removing the roadblocks that keep you from achieving your goals and living your best LIFE! 

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   Science and medicine agree that erroneous thoughts and limiting beliefs have a major impact on mind-body health. Making changes in the way we think and feel, not only releases stress, but can actually free the body’s cells to heal on their own.

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 HYPNOTHERAPY, endorsed by both the Mayo Clinic and the American Medical Association, can help with many psycho-social issues, debilitating illnesses, and medical conditions, simply by re-programming our thoughts and beliefs.   Some beliefs and behaviors go so deep, it takes professional help to break them open so any remnants can be discarded and new neural pathways can be created.  This work leads to healing dis-ease and living a more compatible and rewarding life.  It improves your quality of life and extends your longevity.  


      Dr. Patti has a unique, individualized approach to therapy .She has many tools to support you on your healing journey that are scientifically based and delivered with compassion and intuition. She has helped me work through some challenging situations when I had lost hope. I highly recommend her services and expertise.  Sharon S.

      I would highly recommend Dr. Gallaway as a counselor and hypnotist. She is skilled beyond measure and has a beautiful intuitive capability in helping uncover what you really want. She helped me at a time when I was struggling with indecision on whether or not to leave to attend school or stay in the “ safety” of my home. Thanks to Patti , I discovered I really wanted to go but was fearful of such a big move. She gives her attention to listening and intuitive questioning to help you discover and gain insight in the area of concern. Then she  guides you in hypnosis to help you achieve the goal or overcome whatever the issue is. I couldn’t believe I had 2 hours! Well worth every penny!   Sharon B

      I have been seen by Dr. Patti Gallaway for multiple issues in the past whether it be a tooth ache, bladder pain, insomnia, etc. She is a gifted hypnotherapist with an impeccable work ethic and she genuinely cares about her patients. Every time I seek treatment she is knowledgeable on what path to take for optimal results. I will continue to seek her talents and knowledge as my hypnotherapist for any needs in the future. I highly recommend her to friends and family.  Sarah V.

     I have seen Dr. Gallaway for a few years and her expertise has benefited me in countless ways. She has seen me through skin eruptions, anxiety, sleeplessness and a lack of confidence. Dr. Patti has an uncanny gift for helping others navigate difficult situations. She has a soothing and tranquil voice, and she always gives more of herself than is expected. She is not only a talented therapist she is also a remarkable spiritual mentor. If you are in need of clarity, direction or support, she is the professional to call.

Summer S. -Yama Yoga Studio and Wellness Center - Canton TX

     Dr. Patti Gallaway is a gifted therapist. She is personable, warm and friendly. I found it easy to open up to her and begin our work together. She has helped guide me in finding greater confidence within myself and in learning to trust my intuition through hypnotherapy. I’m so grateful for her and the work she does.    Kate A.



      Becoming your Authentic Self requires some deep “soul searching”.  Are you living an authentic life, or the life that was programmed into you at a very early age, a life of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that do not represent who you have become?  Your responses and reactions seem to be incongruent with how you want to be perceived by others. 


       Scientific Fact:  An atom, which is the building block of everything in the physical universe, is 99.9999 to infinity empty space with the other .1% being a smattering of matter; but it really isn’t empty; In fact, science has proven that the atom is filled with a vast array of energy operating at frequencies that form an invisible yet interconnected field of energy and information – known as The Unified Field. 


       Our brains are “hard wired” to feed back to us the habits and behaviors already programmed and deepened in the brain’s neural pathways even though we have no idea where those beliefs came from or why we believe the way we do.  We repeat habits and behaviors learned at a very early age from the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of those who took care of us, taught us, and influenced us.  



       Because the objective unconscious mind does not think or make decisions, it is the part of our intelligence that we have programmed to respond and behave in a certain way. It is like a computer; we put information into the brain, repeat normal behavior and habits, fire off neurons, and connect neural transmitters that remember the habitual patterns that trigger our responses and behaviors thus making us                                                 “Creatures of Habit”.




         Whenever an event, an experience, or a particular person triggers a belief in you, it fires off a series of memorized emotions, which then invokes a state of mind which sends a message to your unconscious computer to call up the appropriate attitude, mood or behavior to match that situation.  This repetitive cycle of thinking, feeling, and reaction defines your perception of the world around you and defines your personality.

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