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            Patti Gallaway, PhD, M.Sc.


      I have come to believe that, in this time of ever-changing dynamics, there is a platform for every conscious being on this planet to receive and communicate information, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and spiritual truths. We are awakening to a new era of exploration into who we are and what our purpose is in the unfolding of the Universe. We are all participants in this new evolution. And we each play a part in disseminating and distributing the new knowledge that is awakening this planet.

       This knowledge is not really new... only to us. It is already here and has been since the beginning of time. As we discover more of the secrets of the Universe, it is up to us to “wake up” and change our way of thinking, believing, and behaving. Change is the most difficult task of all to accept and incorporate into our daily lives.  We are “creatures of habit”.  Change requires work.  It requires trust. Yet, if we do not see the importance of change, we will be left behind.

       It is uncomfortable but extremely necessary that we understand the mental and physical benefits of accepting these new paradigms in health, education, business, medicine, and politics. Only then can we grow spiritually and accept the Truth of our Being, We Are Spiritual Beings Living a Human Experience.


      Many of our fellow human beings are choosing to opt out of life.  Many are choosing to take human life in order to justify the injustices in the world. When we reach out to life, when we offer love, forgiveness, recognition and appreciation to those who feel lost, those who have health challenges, or are hurting in other areas of their lives, we give unto ourselves those same gifts. “Whatsoever you do unto others, you do so unto Me”. There is great reward in reaching out, giving to others, offering a helping hand. It fills the well and allows the flow of giving and receiving.

       I feel it is my part to contribute to the wellspring, to share information, to offer hope and guidance to anyone who reaches out. My prayer is that this effort will inspire others as I join those already making a difference with their time, with their information, their compassion, and reaching out with a helping hand.


       I hope to inspire you to join me on this platform, to share your valuable insights and offer your pearls of wisdom as we walk into a new understanding of life, love, and happiness.

       To learn about my work and how hypnosis becomes a valuable tool for change, please go to our page "Hypnotherapy" for a full explanation and understanding of the function of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and what makes hypnosis so powerful and effective for creating change.



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